Ju - German photographer, crazy about people, fashion, tea and food. All photos here are my work and all texts here are my little thoughts. Enjoy and feel free to drop me a message.
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  • 365/365

    I’m about to upload the last photo of my second 365 days project… and I can’t help it - I’m excited. Thanks to all of you and I certainly will continue this blog! Thanks for being part of the project,for your messages, comments and reblogs. Thank you for the encouragement to give this blog a new purpose after this project has ended and for showing to me that my photography is worth sharing. 

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  • Anonymous asked : fyi more ppl will reblog, if you keep the captions of flickr off, js but i love it and im happy for you,

    Hi! Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. This blog started as a daily project and every image has a feeling, a thought or a journey to it. I keep them there because they are part of it. But, I leave it open to anyone to delete them before rebloging the photos. 

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